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our work

partnerships + affiliations



CHIMO Community Services

Chinese Community Policing Centre
EVO Carshare
Government of Canada

itsharpo collaborations
L'Oréal Paris

Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

St. John Ambulance
Strathcona Community Policing Centre

Surrey Board of Trade

The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

The Royal Family of Jaipur

The Alma Mater Society (UBC Vancouver)
Vancouver Police Department

VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation

YWCA Metro Vancouver

impact at a glance

2020-21 fiscal year-end report (link)
2021-22 fiscal year-end report (link)
2022-23 fiscal year-end report (
18,500+ people impacted globally*
82,900+ impressions**

*Estimated based on volunteers, digital platform members, people trained through our workshops, social media and website followers, accesses of resources from The Hub, people reached through Safe Buddies event coverage, accesses of our Safe Hubs map, unique website visitors.

**Sum of website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube views

our story, over the years

the highlights

Formed a team under the name 'HP-TIE' and competed in the Anu and Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPRIZE, which had a $1 million prize purse, and called upon innovators worldwide to find a technological solution to women's safety concerns.

Ran a month-long campaign, #StandForSafety, where students shared their stance on personal safety.

Rebranded to BOLT, reflecting the importance of speed in safety. Launched the BOLT platform on the WIX mobile app on December 18th on UBC's Vancouver campus.

Federally incorporated as BOLT Safety Society on 07-07-2020. Launched the pilot Safe Hubs project with 9 partnered safe spaces, funded by RisingYouth, TakingItGlobal, The Government of Canada, and Canada Service Corps. Premiered 'backyards with bolt', entailing interviews with community members on topics pertaining to safety and well-being.

Hosted a global discussion event featuring panelists on period poverty and gender-based violence with our partners at For The Menstruator. Launched the Safe Buddies program in response to mounting concerns of street violence and harassment, which lead to features in notable media publications, including CBC, Global News, and CTV. We were later awarded a RisingYouth grant for Safe Buddies, leading to program expansion. Safe Buddies started to operate a national phone hotline, and provide event-based coverage, starting with the Drishti Awards Gala which saw over 700 guests.

We presented to the City of Richmond Council, were among 10 non-profits Canada-wide selected to receive a charitable donation from L'Oréal Paris through their 'Women of Worth' program, got Google-funded (for life), got sponsored by Evo Car Share, covered our largest event with Safe Buddies yet (1,000 patrons), advocated for better legislation and had our statement read in the Canadian House of Commons (which led to the tabling of Bill C-28), took our work international in partnership with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation and with the support of the Royal Family of Jaipur, launched Project LyghtNyng with over 150 workshop participants in the pilot stage, and called upon Government of Canada leaders to mitigate the lack of survivor-centric social services and shelters in rural communities.
Dec10,2018 HP-TIE.png



RisingYouth, TakingItGlobal, Government of Canada, Canada Service Corps
BOLT Safety Society awarded a grant for BOLT Platform launch


VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation's Outstanding Young Ambassadors Awards
Vedanshi Vala named Leadership Champion

RisingYouth, TakingItGlobal, Government of Canada, Canada Service Corps
BOLT Safety Society awarded a grant for Safe Hubs


Canadian Immigrant Magazine: Women of Inspiration
Vedanshi Vala named one of four 'Heroes on the Frontlines of the Pandemic' nationally

Surrey Board of Trade
Vedanshi Vala listed as a Top 25 Under 25 Honouree

Youth Leadership Society of BC
Vedanshi Vala awarded 'Outstanding Impact Award'

Steps Together Foundation
BOLT Safety Society awarded $500 for outstanding community impact

RisingYouth, TakingItGlobal, Government of Canada, Canada Service Corps
BOLT Safety Society awarded a grant for Safe Buddies

Fashion and Beauty United

Vedanshi Vala named a 'Wonder Woman'


L'Oréal Paris
Vedanshi Vala named one of ten 'Women of Worth' across Canada
BOLT Safety Society awarded $10,000

BOLT Safety Society awarded an Ad Grant
Valued at up to $10,000 USD of in-kind advertisements monthly, or $120,000 USD annually, for life

EVO Carshare
BOLT Safety Society received a driving sponsorship

YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards
Vedanshi Vala a 'Young Woman of Distinction' nominee-finalist

OXY Canada: The OXY Prize

Vedanshi Vala named Top 6 'Face of Change' finalist Canada-wide
BOLT Safety Society was in the running to win $5,000

Richmond Chamber of Commerce: Business Excellence Awards

BOLT Safety Society among five nominees in the 'Association of the Year' category

Fashion and Beauty United

Shreyanshi Vala named a 'Wonder Woman'


United Nations CSW67
Vedanshi Vala selected as NGO Delegate as part of the Equal Chance delegation
BOLT Safety Society represented at the 67th Commission on the Status of Women at UN Headquarters in New York

TakingItGlobal and the Government of Canada: Sprout Ideas Fellowship

Vedanshi Vala selected as Fellow
BOLT Safety Society recipient of funding
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