Our team: youth-founded, volunteer-run.

Interested candidates should email their resume to info@boltsafety.org



I believe in working together to create safer communities, in empowering individuals, and in standing with survivors. I believe in changing culture, and addressing stigma existing in society, preventing progress. It is my hope that our team's work will contribute to a safer community for all, especially for women.


I believe it is not only important to be educated on the dangers that individuals around the globe are facing, but also to be aware of certain stigma that exists in our society. BOLT Safety’s project to take action to help with women’s safety and the safety of other individuals is an absolutely necessary contribution to our global community. I hope create a safer environment for all of us with this amazing team.


When I was first introduced to BOLT, I was amazed; I couldn't believe that Vancouver youth were making such a huge impact all by themselves. I was really interested, and as I learned more I decided to join the team. Now that I'm part of this group, I can't wait to help promote women's safety, as many people are unaware of this issue.


Executive Director
Financial Director

All individuals have the right to feel safe. Unfortunately, the reality for many is that safety is too often a luxury, especially for women. As such, I believe it is incredibly important to bring attention to this need for safer communities, and to work towards ensuring safety is accessible to all. Along with the incredible BOLT Safety team, I hope to make a lasting contribution towards this endeavor!

Operations Director

It is my opinion that everyone should feel safe wherever they are. Provided statistics show us that women and children are more likely to have to face some sort of abuse over others. After joining the BOLT team, I have had the pleasure of seeing how youth have the power to act in and change this world. I look forward to seeing our call come to action!

Marketing Director


Digital Platform Manager,
Case Files Manager
Project LyghtNyng Manager
Safe Hubs Manager

I wish to be a ripple that lives out love for those around me to receive, that they might go on and touch lives around them as well. My hope is to affirm for those in joy and in pain that we are not islands, and that our burden is not to find ourselves deserving of anything but to give freely and therefore to freely receive.

Safe Buddies Manager

I have forever demonstrated a vehement enthusiasm towards an elementary obligation in human life - helping others. I concern myself over a variety of world issues, including women’s safety. Being a male, not only will I enhance my knowledge on technological innovation, but also be able to widen my perspective and understand this specific issue from the viewpoint of those who are affected by such issues daily.

Social Media Manager

I would love to make progress in community safety with BOLT and enhance the sense of safety among volunerable groups, like women or children. I reckon that social media can be a powerful tool to make incredible impacts, so I think it will be great to combine my passion for promoting a safer community and content creating together!

Human Resources Manager

I believe that all individuals should have the right to feel and be safe. Being part of the BOLT Safety community directly addresses the problem of security by empowering others and connecting with survivors. It's truly a blessing to be part of a group whose work is dedicated towards contributing to a better and safer community.

The Hub Manager

Creating safe spaces for all individuals, where they can freely express themselves, is essential for communities to flourish and thrive. I am excited to work with BOLT Safety to accomplish this vision and help empower those in need.


Graphic Designer

I believe in a better tomorrow. I hope, starting now, we are able to make changes that benefit our society generations down the line. I believe that if we take small steps towards combating social issues, our world will be a better place.


We can’t change everyone but it is our duty to try and fight for those who may not be able to voice themselves until they are ready. BOLT Safety’s mission to make this world a safer place aligns with my vision as someone who wants to change our communities from the grassroots. I will give my best to make sure silenced voices are heard, and help aid BOLT and the rest of our team in removing the stigma around sexual harassment and violence.

Programs Assistant

I am extremely excited to be a part of BOLT Safety because I believe that feeling safe shouldn't be a luxury and that it should be a lot more accessible, especially for young women. I hope the resources our team has put out will create a lasting change and impact survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and much more. 

Programs Assistant

I firmly believe that all people should feel safe within their communities, and BOLT Safety's initiative of creating an effective and affordable solution for all people is something I stand by. I look forward to making a contribution to my community's safety through my time at BOLT Safety.

Programs Assistant

I believe that safety is something that should be accessible to everyone in society. So when I came across BOLT Safety, I knew this was the organization I wanted to work with. This organization works towards a safer world for everyone and that's a message I believe in delivering to the world. I hope I can play a small part in ensuring that the organization's goals are achieved.

Video Editor

Che once said 'We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it'. By adding to the BOLT Safety team I hope to live by the words I respect the most and address issues that my close relations have been affected by. 

小红书 (Red) Coordinator

I hope we can help build a safer community!

Writer, Twitter Coordinator

As someone who is relatively new to Vancouver, I know how hard it can be to feel safe in the city; even walking alone can be a daunting task. That’s why I’m so happy to be working with this amazing group of people to not only help create safety in the community, but to make it more accessible to everyone as well.

Lead Graphic Designer

Safety should be just as easily accessible to everyone as the phones we carry around with us. It is because of this reason that I am glad to be a member of the BOLT team. I am excited to make a difference in the world and contribute to making it a safer place for everyone.

Financial Assistant

I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to feel safe, especially in this day and age. I am excited to be able to make change in the community during my time at BOLT Safety.


Dr. Annalijn Conklin
University of British Columbia
Mr. Joey Yip
St. John Ambulance
Mr. Rajeev Manchanda
Inventure Global Services Inc.
Jewell Gillies
Okanagan College

I believe that everyone's voice matters, that equity is an immediate need for all people in our community and I believe that each of us holds the power to create incredible change for a more just, kind, and just society. My goal is to continuously contribute thoughts, questions, and ideas to shape an ideal world that meets the needs of every diverse person in our community.

Kavita Bassi
University of Windsor

I believe in change through coalition. No one person has the answer to addressing the barriers that women face, especially in the context of gender-based violence. To make our communities more equitable, welcoming, and safer places for women, we must work together and listen to the stories of survivors with open ears and hearts. Being a part of BOLT Safety, to me, is one of the best ways to do that.

Mr. Ravinder Safaya
Youth Leadership Society of BC

I believe in empowering youth to create a better society than what they find. BOLT is grass roots youth led organization on this mission and I am happy to share my experience and wisdom with youth who are part of this organization.



I want to help create more awareness surrounding the issues in our society and help support each other create a safer community that we can all enjoy being in. I believe that the work being done with BOLT Safety will help create a rippling effect and inspire other individuals to join in and contribute in making our society better.


I’m excited to be on the BOLT team because I believe that women's safety is an issue that isn’t talked about as much as it needs to be. I hope to contribute to women’s safety through our work.


I visualized our next generation being able to live freely in a safe environment. I want to be a small part of the big change.


Brina • Faaiz • Ravi • Shreyanshi • Sophia • Vedanshi