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Launched August 31, 2020

A network of safe spaces in partnership with local businesses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, reports of domestic violence significantly escalated. We partner with businesses to be listed as safe and supportive spaces for survivors, called 'Safe Hubs'.


Find the nearest Safe Hub to your current location by going on our Digital Platform here.

Accessing Safe Hubs is at your own risk. Neither the Safe Hubs team, nor our partners, are liable in the event something happens.

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As of June 2022, Safe Hubs is operated as a joint initiative between BOLT Safety Society and For the Menstruator.

Partners: together, providing 22 Safe Hubs

Apple Farm Market
AMS Food Bank (UBC)
AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (UBC)
Benny's Market
Capria Care Collective
INS Market
Larry's Market
Main Prescriptions
Office of Ms. Bonita Zarrillo, Member of Parliament
Sabzi Mandi

Strathcona Community Policing Centre
The Spud Shack Fry Co.
Union Market
Vancity Corner Store
+ more


Our team is always looking to grow this project, and to hear your feedback! All inquiries can be directed via email to

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