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Overview: Safe Hubs

BOLT Safety is pleased to launch our new Safe Hubs project to create communities you feel safe in by introducing a network of safe spaces.

As part of our initiative, we are also providing information about crisis support resources you can access in times of emergencies, a list of physical locations you can escape to, and tips for what you can do when you find yourself in an unsafe domestic environment.

We’d also love to introduce you to our two mascots for Safe Hubs, Lyght and Nyng (LyghtNyng together, get it?).

These two friends will be with you throughout your journey as you read the articles we’ve created for you! Lyght’s there to comfort you if you’ve gone through emotional or mental abuse, and Nyng’s got your back if you were a victim to any other form of abuse. Through these friends, our team at BOLT Safety, your community, and Safe Buddies, are here for you.

Here’s what’s you’ll find in each of these articles:


Websites and helplines


The Safe Hubs map, safe spaces, shelters


Advice on dealing with an unsafe situation


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