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This is an archived page. The #Bolt4Love project ran throughout April, 2020.


Welcome to the


Project Page

Have you been feeling down about COVID-19? So have we! If you join BOLT on the App and send us your username, we will give you a custom E-Gram you can send to any friends or family. We know a lot of people rely on social connections to help them through tough times- and it's even more important now when schools and places of work are closed.


We want to brighten up everyone’s day during these difficult and unfamiliar times with positivity! Use #Bolt4Love on social media and tell your friends all about it (after you send them your custom E-Gram:)).

E   -   G   R   A   M   S


Swipe through our designs below!


Wondering where to get your Bolt username? Here's how:

  1. Go here and download the app onto your smartphone

  2. Sign-up by filling in your details after downloading

  3. Whatever name or username you choose to use on the mobile platform, pop that into the form- it's so we can verify you're on the app!

  4. Enjoy your free e-gram!

A bit about us:

Our youth-led team recently launched a mobile platform for personal safety- and our space on the Wix app has a lot of cool safety tips from community experts, and also lets you connect with your chosen "safe buddies".

Have any questions? Reach out to us!

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Thanks for interest! This project has been archived, but you can learn more about our work, initiatives, and projects here, or become a member of our free mobile platform.

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