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We're raising $5,000 to support our work to combat sexual violence. If 1,000 people donate $5 each, which is the average price of a St@rbuck$ coffee, we'd meet our goal. 

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B O L T    S A F E T Y    S O C I E T Y

building safer and equitable communities

About us.

tech startup meets non-profit

BOLT Safety Society is a youth-founded, federally-registered not-for-profit building safer and equitable communities. Our organization endeavours to end violence, harassment, and abuse through a variety of community-focused programming, all centralized onto our digital platform.

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Available on the WIX mobile app, or accessed via web browsers on any device (e.g. phones, computers). Centralizes access to our Safe Hubs network, information on requesting a Safe Buddy, and a database of resources. Houses The Hub.

Resources for survivors of sexual violence, harassment, and abuse like crisis lines and women’s shelters. Provides information on choices for action (medical, legal, police options), how to support as an ally. Publishes educational articles aiming to reform our culture of safety, end victim-blaming, and break harmful stigmas. Shares strategies for safety planning and self-defense video tutorials.

Launched in response to increasing concerns of domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Safe Hubs partners with local businesses to form a network of safe spaces. We also support women’s shelters by donating ‘Wellness Kits’ and resources.

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The Safe Buddies program pairs trusted volunteers with individuals feeling unsafe to get them home safely. This program was launched in response to heightened reports of harassment and racial crimes.

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A series of educational workshops aiming to decrease violence and abuse through informing a culture of consent, promoting inclusion by flipping victim-blaming narratives, increasing access to resources, and fostering allyship.

Have questions or want to discuss a partnership?

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Help fund our mission of building safer and equitable communities.



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