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Raise awareness. Connect to help. Increase safety.

BOLT Safety Society is a federally registered not-for-profit corporation.

Our generation, that of young changemakers, has grown up with technology being constantly available at our fingertips. Our vision is to leverage this existing technology to create an affordable and effective solution to the lack of personal security experienced by many individuals in our community, especially, and most alarmingly, women.


According to statistics by UN Women, one in three women face sexual violence at some point in their lives, many times from a known individual or intimate partner. We strongly believe that personal safety for everyone, but especially that of women, should be a responsibility committed to by all communities.


Through our work, including our platform, an affordable and innovative solution to this challenge, we strive to ensure that communities will be able to collaborate and unite against threats to personal safety, and the well-being of everyone. Our team recognizes that providing this tool helps increases access to the needed education on these topics. Together, let's work to un-learn beliefs and stigma embedded deep in society, and become better allies for survivors.

Learn more about what we've accomplished so far, read some of our media and news features, or meet the team!

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