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If you’re a victim or survivor of sexual violence, domestic abuse, or harassment, we’re here to help.

If your life is in immediate danger, call 911.

We have curated a free online database of resources, including crisis lines, shelters, and options for medical and mental health care, as well as legal and police action.

Resources for survivors of sexual violence or domestic abuse in Canada

  • Crisis Support: a list of helplines, helpful websites, shelters, and legal services.

  • Safe Spaces: helps you identify local safe spaces, including shelters.

  • What do I do? General tips for what you can do if you've been sexually assaulted or are experiencing domestic abuse.

International resources for survivors in countries other than Canada

A network of safe spaces in partnership with local businesses and organizations, pinned to our interactive digital map. 


Each Safe Hub is equipped with a resource package that includes local crisis lines and professional support services, and some partners also keep a Wellness Kit on-site so users can access menstrual hygiene products, first aid kit, snacks, and more.

Find a Safe Hub near you

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