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Welcome to our news and media archive. We are grateful for each opportunity to share our work within the community.

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Recent press releases:

October 2022: Project LyghtNyng Launch



2024 Women of the Year Awards: Rising stars – Winner Vedanshi Vala

"In 2020, as a UBC student studying integrated sciences, Vala launched an online platform called Bolt Safety Society with four friends and her sister, Shreyanshi Vala. The idea was to centralize access to existing resources for survivors: the platform is a database of shelters, crisis lines, legal services and medical and mental health support, and it also includes educational material to help reduce stigmas around victim blaming."

The Richmond News

Richmond non-profit screens documentary trailer at UN women's conference

"Vala and her team were invited to the 68th Commission on the Status of Women, which is one of the largest and most high-profile meetings on women's rights globally, held every year at the United Nations headquarters in New York. At the meeting, Vala presented the documentary trailer to showcase the non-profit's work."

Society Inspired

Episode #25: Vedanshi Vala

Our Executive Director was interviewed by Host Gemma Asfour about building social impact with BOLT Safety Society.

Quoting Life Podcast

How You Can Help Sexual Violence Victims- Vedanshi Vala- Executive Director at Bolt Safety Society
A conversation with Quoting Life Podcast co-hosts, Adman and Brandon, about ways to support survivors of violence, and the work that BOLT Safety does.


Melanin Magazine

Vedanshi Vala: Rising Star
"Introducing a South Asian Hustler, Vedanshi! Transforming Lives: Vedanshi, UBC student turned BOLT Safety Society Co-Founder, leads global initiatives impacting 24,300+ survivors through tech innovation and community partnerships. This entrepreneurial Canadian desi has a pure vision that is extremely relevant and important in our society."

Unlock Your Soul Podcast with Anto Neosoul

22-Year-Old Changemaker Vedanshi Vala on Building Bolt Safety Society and Meeting Hon. WaMuchomba
"Age is nothing but a number, and Vedanshi Vala is a testament that no matter how young you are, you are never too old to change society. Vedanshi Vala is a founder of Bolt Global Safety and is championing safe spaces all over the world for survivors of gender-based violence and tagging along with our very own Hon. Wamuchomba. 'The irony of our situation is that our organization shouldn't have to exist...' Vedanshi Vala, 2023"

Alpha Gamma Delta: The Quarterly

Co-Founder of Canadian Non-profit Creates Platform for Women's Safety
Cover story with Vedanshi Vala, Fall 2023 issue.

Rajputana Collective

I lead a humanitarian mission to Kenya. Here’s what it taught me
"It had been over a week that we were in Kenya as part of BOLT Safety Society’s humanitarian mission to both prevent and respond to sexual violence ( A large focus of our work had involved speaking with local stakeholders, such as NGOs, professionals in the space, members of the community, and survivors. I could not have fathomed that I would come face-to-face with the aftermath of this crime in such proximity."

Richmond News

Richmond resident spearheads global sexual violence awareness documentary

"Vedanshi Vala, founder of BOLT Safety Society, a Richmond-based non-profit working to end violence against women, recently went on a humanitarian mission to Kenya. While there, she was inspired to create a documentary telling the stories of people and non-profits working in different countries to build safe spaces and resources to help victims of sexual violence."

TakingItGlobal (

What happens when we surround ourselves with inspiration?

"On Thursday June 22nd, the walls of a room in the Vancouver Art Gallery were filled with quotes from contributing authors from Flourish: A Workbook for Social Innovators. This exhibition was set-up as part of a launch and celebration event led by TakingITGlobal in partnership with BOLT Safety Society, an organization founded by Sprout Ideas Fellow Vedanshi Vala."

Richmond Sentinel

Two Richmond delegations meet BC’s party leaders

Cover story in Volume 7, Issue 9.

Richmond Sentinel

Award winning Vedanshi Vala gives back

Cover story in Volume 7, Issue 6.

Richmond News

Young Richmond advocate fights for gender equality at UN

“It was like a dream come true”: Vedanshi Vala

Leaders of Today

How I Started An Award-Winning Non Profit Organization at 15 - Vedanshi Vala | EO7

Starting her journey when she was only 15, Vedanshi shares how she started her non-profit organization - Bolt Safety to create safer and more equitable communities worldwide!

The Indo-Canadian Voice

NDP MP Bonita Zarrillo’s Coquitlam office now part of a network of safe spaces

"The Safe Hubs team says it is hopeful that seeing Zarrillo’s office step up as an ally will inspire other businesses to follow suit."

Tri-City News

You can 'bolt' over to this Tri-Cities MP's office if your safety is at risk

Bonita Zarrillo's Coquitlam office is one of 19 spaces where partner violence victims can seek refuge and access resources.

Rajputana Collective

Meet the L'Oreal Paris Woman of Worth: Vedanshi Vala

Rajputana Collective is the first sociocultural and lifestyle publication to exclusively feature the Rajput community in its contemporary facets. Our Executive Director, Vedanshi, shared how her upbringing and cultural background influenced her work with BOLT Safety.


Fashion and Beauty United

Ending the Stigma with Shreyanshi Vala

Our Operations Director, Shreyanshi, was named a 'Wonder Woman'. "Through her role as Co-Founder and the Operations Director of BOLT Safety Society, Shreyanshi Vala is dedicated to educating her community about the increased stigma surrounding personal safety and wants to change the status quo."

Cloverdale Reporter | Peace Arch News | Surrey Now-Leader | North Delta Reporter

With Project LyghtNyng, youth-led BOLT Safety Society aims to end violence, harassment, abuse

We were featured by numerous local media outlets announcing the official launch of Project LyghtNyng.

Megaphone Magazine

Stopping violence, one safe space at a time

Megaphone Magazine is sold by vendors who are experiencing homelessness or from low-income backgrounds. Our Executive Director, Vedanshi, was interviewed to share BOLT Safety's work in the community in the November 2022 issue.

South Asian Entertainment Magazine

Education that empowers safety

Coverage of the Project LyghtNyng (workshop) program launch in the November 2022 issue.

Richmond Sentinel

BOLT Safety Society launches Project LyghtNyng

Coverage of the Project LyghtNyng (workshop) program launch.

Richmond News

Women's safety organization wants to flip victim-blaming narratives

Coverage of the Project LyghtNyng (workshop) program launch.


Incorporating as a non-profit in Canada

Our Executive Director, Vedanshi, was interviewed by TakingItGlobal and #RisingYouth for their Community Impact Skillshare Series about the process of incorporating as a non-profit in Canada.

Richmond Sentinel

Richmond businesses encouraged to support Safe Hubs program

"There are 17 locations participating in the Safe Hubs program so far, but organizers want more businesses to become part of the network."

Global News

(Safe Hubs)

Segment aired on August 20, 2022 on Global News Hour at 6. Interview featured our Safe Hubs Manager, Emily, and Executive Director, Vedanshi. - TakingItGlobal

Fostering A Sense of Safety and Community through the Safe Buddies Program

Our grant providers featured Faaiz, our Safe Buddies Manager, along with various other team members who were involved in the program development and launch

Richmond Sentinel

Envisioning a safer Richmond - and beyond

Executive Director, Vedanshi, was interviewed about the BOLT Safety team's presentation to City of Richmond Council earlier in the year, and avenues of partnership that are being explored to make Richmond safer.

Richmond News

2 Richmond Nominees for YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

"Since 1984, the YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards have honoured individuals and organizations for their contributions to the well-being and future of the community." Executive Director, Vedanshi, was featured as a nominee.

VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation

Women of Distinction: Vedanshi Vala

The Foundation was a nominator for Executive Director, Vedanshi, and featured her on their website. "Vedanshi Vala is a Young Women of Distinction nominee for the 39th annual YWCA Women of Distinction Awards, with the winners to be announced on May 26, 2022. These awards recognize an outstanding woman or business operating in the Lower Mainland. Vedanshi is nominated alongside Dr. Elizabeth Bryce and Dr. Jacqueline Saw."

Richmond News

Hugh McRoberts alumnus named L'Oréal Paris Woman of Worth

"Richmondite Vedanshi Vala was named L'Oréal Paris Woman of Worth this year for her work to make Canada a safer place to live by using technology, especially for females."

Fashion Network

L’Oréal Paris Canada names 2022 Women of Worth Honourees

Feature on the award received by Executive Director, Vedanshi, and the $10,000 grant awarded to BOLT Safety, alongside 9 other honourees across Canada.

L’Oréal Paris (YouTube)

Vedanshi Vala: BOLT Safety Society | Women of Worth

Executive Director Vedanshi named a Woman of Worth.


Drishti Magazine

Youth Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Team profile.

Fashion and Beauty United

Creating change through empowerment with Vedanshi Vala

Executive Director, Vedanshi, named a 'Wonder Woman'

Ming Pao Daily News

有你伴我行 安全回家路

Board Secretary, Brina, was interviewed about our newly launched Safe Buddies program.

CBC News

Youth volunteers launch safe walking program after recent stalking, racist incidents

Executive Director, Vedanshi, interviewed about the launch of our Safe Buddies program

CBC Radio: On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko

Safe Buddies

BOLT Safety Society Co-founder and Executive Director Vedanshi Vala on BOLT's new "Safe Buddies" walking program for women and non-binary people who don't feel safe walking alone.

CTV News Article | Video Segment

Recent racist, stalking incidents inspire 'buddy' system for people who don't feel safe walking alone

Executive Director, Vedanshi, speaks about the launch of our Safe Buddies program

CBC News Video | YouTube

Youthful safety group offers walking buddies to people afraid to go home alone

Vedanshi Vala explains how Safe Buddies works

Omni Television

義工組織 協助保護長者婦女的安全

Team member, Jazzy, was interviewed about the launch of Safe Buddies.

Richmond News

Richmondite launches 'safe buddies' program

"Richmondite Vedanshi Vala and her team will launch their latest volunteer program -- this one aiming to keep seniors, women and nonbinary people safer on the streets. The not-for-profit BOLT Safety Society will have young adult recruits, coined Safe Buddies, walking with those who feel unsafe walking home alone starting April 10."

The Indo-Canadian Voice

Safe Buddies: Youth work to keep seniors and women in their communities safe

Feature on the launch of our Safe Buddies program

The Ubyssey

‘Significant strides’: Students reflect on what it means to feel safe following Women's History Month

Featuring Executive Director, Vedanshi.

Global News BC

Program launched to address Metro Vancouver safety concerns

Vedanshi Vala, Co-Founder and Executive Director of BOLT Safety Society, shares details of their ‘Safe Buddies’ program that will see volunteers escorting women and seniors home.

The Lynda Steele Show

Safe Buddies

Interview about the launch of our Safe Buddies program featuring Executive Director, Vedanshi.

Surrey Board of Trade | The Indo-Canadian Voice

Surrey's Top 25 Under 25 Awards

Executive Director, Vedanshi, named a recipient of the award.

Surrey Now-Leader Peace Arch News

Meet Surrey's 'Top 25 Under 25' for 2021

Executive Director, Vedanshi, named a recipient of the award.

Canadian Immigrant

Heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic: 2021 Immigrant Women of Inspiration

"We bring to you four inspiring women from across Canada who have been on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 and supporting their communities. Here are the inspiring and motivational stories of Dr. Theresa Tam, Jennifer Chen, Claudette Lennard and Vedanshi Vala."

Burnaby Now | Vancouver Is Awesome | New Westminster Record | Tricity News

Metro Vancouver youth launch 'Safe Buddies' in response to anti-Asian hate crimes

The BOLT Safety Society is launching its Safe Buddies program to keep seniors and women safe when walking back to their homes.

The Quiet Warrior Show YouTube | Podcast

EP#170 STUDENTS FOR SAFETY with Vedanshi Vala and Ravi Nichols

Two of our co-founders were interviewed for this podcast episode, hosted by Tom Dutta.

Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

People of SBQMI: Vedanshi Vala

Feature on Executive Director, Vedanshi.


Sing Tao Daily News | YouTube

2020 Outstanding Young Ambassadors Awards

Executive Director, Vedanshi, named 'Leadership Champion' in the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation's 2020 Outstanding Young Ambassadors Awards.

Drishti Media Group: Young Bosses Podcast

Season 2 Episode 1 | Special Guest Host: Tom Dutta ft. Vedanshi Vala

Interview with Executive Director, Vedanshi.

The Ubyssey

Second-year student Vedanshi Vala fights domestic violence, one Safe Hub at a time

Executive Director, Vedanshi, was interviewed about the newly-launched Safe Hubs network.

South Asian Entertainment Magazine

The Silent Pandemic

Executive Director, Vedanshi, speaks about Safe Hubs.

Richmond News

Richmond student launches platform to help domestic abuse victims

Executive Director, Vedanshi, speaks about Safe Hubs.

The Harpreet Singh Show (YouTube)

BOLT Safety Society on Safe Hubs initiative

Interview featuring two of our Co-Founders, Ravi and Vedanshi.


#RisingYouth in Action: Vedanshi Vala

Executive Director, Vedanshi, interviewed about Safe Hubs and growing BOLT Safety's impact.


NEWS 1130

UBC students set to launch app to help women stay safe

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Vedanshi, discusses the launch of the BOLT Safety digital platform on the WIX mobile app.

Richmond News

Richmond student launching personal safety app

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Vedanshi, discusses the launch of the BOLT Safety digital platform on the WIX mobile app.


Richmond News

Richmond youth devise wearable panic button

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Vedanshi, discusses the HP-TIE team (our former name) entering the Anu and Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPRIZE.

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